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without pain!
  Q. I have a pretty good-sized left hand, yet it gets tired and aches
from extensions, especially in the lower register. What to do?

A. Shake out your left hand. It is wonderfully relaxed now with the
fingers quite close together. The minute you spread the fingers apart,
you feel the increasing tension in the hand.

Distances between notes are obviously far greater on the cello than,
let's say, on the violin. Therefore extensions become a very
important part of 'cello left hand technique.

We must make extensions (stretches) TEMPORARY if at all possible,
returning immediately to the relaxed close position of the hand.
Think of an ordinary rubber band, stretched out and taut, wanting
to return to its loose curled-up state.

Try this:
`Exercise 1Pouncing Cats:

A temporary extension exercise for quick reaching, then closing up and relaxing the left hand


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