Violoncello Society Newsletter: Winter 1990/1991

Kinescopes and videotapes dating back some thirty years to the beginnings of the Puerto  Rico Casals Festival and containing  performances by some of the  world's greatest artists, were discovered by accident and are being restored with loving care.

The first results of this restoration project were shown in the San Juan Fine Arts Center. The coordinator Peter Hollander explained the painstaking work involved.

The Casals Museum in Old San Juan is the repository of all the Casals performance tapes available at this time, much of it rare footage never released commercially. Museo Pablo Casals (Casals Museum) is located on the sun-drenched Plaza de San Jose in Old San Juan. It houses Casals memorabilia and rare performance tapes.
Museo Pablo Casals
Casals attracted world-famous soloists to the Puerto Rico festivals by the force of his personality. He helped put the Puerto Rico Symphony on a year-round footing, and also founded the Puerto Rico Conservatory.  

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Materials currently available:

"The Golden Treasure of San Juan"
"Casals Lives On in Puerto Rico"
The Six Bach Cello Suites (ms)
"Bach's C Minor Suite Was Written This Morning"
"Bach on the Bayou"

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