The Center Court Garden
This refreshing pause in the Studio Tour lets you calm your mind and gather new energy for your best cello playing.

  Enjoy the calm of the Center Court Garden as you pause in your studio tour. This unique space, surrounded by tall, ivy-covered cyber-city buildings, is wonderfully silent and peaceful. With the changing seasons its colorful flowers give way to a better view of the Japanese rock garden and gentle waterfall. Only an occasional bird will break the blissful silence.

This is the ideal place to sit, clear your mind of distractions, meditate, practice concentration and
memory for future cello performances.

Ex.1: Drawing the Energy Circle

1. As you sit on this garden bench, point with your fingertips to the floor directly in front of you.
2. Slowly draw an imaginary circle around you.

Drawing the Energy Circle: An exercise from The Joy of Cello Playing book series, Master  Lesson 1, by Harry Wimmer
THIS IS YOUR SPACE, the space where you gather your energy to practice and perform. The circle shields you from negative, distracting outside influences that can cause lapses in concentration or nervousness. Once you have the confidence of your own space, you can then reach out to others in performance.

This space is your very own . . .
take it home with you for practicing, and then to your next rehearsal and performance!

For more on calming your mind, see
The Joy of Cello Playing,
Master Lesson 1

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